Cue v2 Update!

We’ve been working on an awesome update for Cue ( and we’re excited to share. Obinna (founder and CEO) wanted to add the next step to the app which was […]

Nomadness Travel App!

We’re super excited to be able to talk about this. We’ve partnered with Nomadness Travel Tribe to develop an app that connects users to each other as well as facilitates […]

How To Get My iOS UDID from iTunes

How To Get Your UDID from iTunes from Vaughn Dabney on Vimeo.

New Projects!

As we wind down this Summer and head into the Fall season, we are finishing projects and starting new ones! Our workload includes projects like a messaging app that minimizes […]

Banking for School

We are excited to be working on a project that teaches 8th grade children financial literacy. A faculty member approached contacted us to develop a banking web app that allows for children […]